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I recovered from bulimia. You can too.

Hi, I'm Shaye!

A mother, tea drinker, yummy food eater, dancer and lover of life. I am also a normal eater.

But I wasn't always this way.

Once upon a time, my life was very different. Every waking moment revolved around binge eating, purging and trying to get back "into control" by dieting. Even my dreams were ruled over by bulimia - nightmares of losing my teeth haunted me almost every single night.

It was hell on earth.

I was bingeing and purging over 15 times a day - and it was all a secret.

I remember looking at people in the cafe's. They looked so happy. Smiling and sharing a meal with their friends. I thought that was something I could never do - at least without planning my escape to the bathroom (or a bush in a dark alley outside). I thought I'd be bulimic for the rest of my life.

I felt hopeless. I felt like people who were 'as bad as me' could never get completely well.

I was wrong. So, so wrong.

I'd been unable to recover because I hadn't known the 3 Secrets to Bulimia Recovery. I'd been trying to beat bulimia in completely the wrong way. In fact - the way I'd been trying to recover (dieting and self criticism) was actually making my bulimia so much worse.

Let me explain.

Secret #1 - Primal Hunger is Making You Obsessed with Food

So if you're like I used to be - you think you're obsessed with food because you're either crazy, weak or pathetic. You probably don't fully understand it - you just know how it feels… An urge comes over you and you disappear into a haze where you just eat and eat and eat. Almost like a possessed and starved animal. You might notice that the food tasted amazing in the beginning but the rest of the binge is just a blur.

In my recovery I came to see that I was not crazy, weak or pathetic! And neither are you!

You are incredibly normal…

You are just experiencing a biological response to the fear of famine

A response that is in place to keep us thriving on this beautiful planet. It's a response that says "When food is scarce, be on the lookout for it at all times - and when you find it, EAT it".

This is a response called primal hunger.

And it makes total sense that human beings experience primal hunger…

In times of food shortage, if we were blase about food - we'd be more likely to perish. However, if we became obsessed with food, our chances of survival would increase.

Thankfully in my life - and in yours too - famine isn't a current threat. So you might be wondering then "What triggered my primal hunger?"

With complete certainty, I can say that your primal hunger was triggered by dieting

Healthy, happy and
free from primal hunger!

Before you began to binge eat - I'd bet that you dabbled in dieting. It may have been lightly or severely. You may have even suffered from anorexia. That was when your primal hunger was first triggered…

Since then your primal hunger has stuck around because you

Your body will not let go of primal hunger when the threat of famine is still there every single day. And when your biological chemistry is driving you to binge, no amount of 'self talk' will get you to recovery.

Eliminating primal hunger is going to be one of the most critical steps in your journey. In my recovery guide (That comes as a part of The Bulimia Recovery Program) I dedicate 41 pages to teaching you about primal hunger and how to eliminate it through structured eating. You'll even read about an eye opening study where healthy men developed bulimia as a result of dieting!

Secret #2 - Self Cruelty is Keeping You Stuck in Bulimia

I would hit myself, punch myself and call myself disgusting names. I hoped that if I was cruel enough, I’d stop what I was doing. I’d stop being bulimic.

But as human beings, we aren't wired to respond well to criticism. It's been proven in study after study - that as a species, we thrive off loving communication and kindness.

Leaving self kindness out of your recovery is like making pancakes without flour...

Self kindness is a natural part of my life now.
(And yes, that is my cheeky monkey Hazel!)

It won't work. Simple.

For years, I was the first to put myself down. The first to label myself as useless, disgusting, fat, pathetic, crazy and hopeless…

Now I am the first to uplift myself... To put a hand on my shoulder and say “You’ve got this Shaye”

When I began to love myself my world began to change. I learnt how to forgive the slip ups I made in recovery. I learnt how to pick myself up and to keep on going.

My self abuse and my failed attempts at bulimia recovery were tied together like the moon and the tides...

One would not disappear without the other.

When you love yourself and treat yourself with kindness - bulimia dissolves from your life.

In the Bulimia Recovery Guide there is an entire section dedicated to helping you develop your self kindness. This includes 3 simple but life changing exercises that I used daily in my recovery (and continue to use to this day!) to help me become my own best friend.

Self kindness enabled me to slowly weave through the obstacles of bulimia recovery with my new found best friend at my side. Please beautiful girl, allow your self kindness to do the same for you :)

Secret #3 - Forget How to be Bulimic by Re-wiring The Neural Pathways in Your Brain

Neural pathways within your brain are
responsible for your automatic habits

There is a 3rd and final secret which is the science behind your full recovery…

A recovery so complete that even the desire to binge will disappear… (Just as it has done with me)

This is the step of re-wiring the neural pathways in your brain. ..

Neural pathways are those alien looking things in this picture here. They are real connections within your brain which all correspond to different behaviours, such as...

The Stronger a Neural Pathway, the Easier and More Automatic it's Related Behaviour

I call these "neural pathway habits".

In my case (and in your case too) the neural pathway habits related to bulimia were like highways running through my mind. They were incredibly easy to drive along!

This is because neural pathway habits become stronger or weaker depending on how often we repeat a specific action and how strong the emotions associated with those actions are.

Bulimia Forms Strong Neural Pathways For Bingeing and Purging

Now we both know that bingeing and purging has strong emotions attached to it - and it's something that is repeated often (in my case over 15 times a day!). Both the intensity of emotion and frequency of repetition ensures that bulimia quickly becomes a powerful and deeply wired habit. A real and physical part of our brain formed from neural pathways.

It is the neural pathway habits of dieting, binge eating, purging and self cruelty that are making bulimia your 'default' way of being.

Thankfully We Can Rebuild New Pathways

Pathways that lead away from bulimia and towards normal eating and self kindness. The more you use your new consciously created pathways, the stronger they will get. The less you use your old pathways, the weaker they will get.

Think about it like this...;

Re-wiring neural pathways is like walking in a field...

In this field, there is waist high grass with one clear path that is easy to walk down. The catch is, you know that pathway leads to bulimia. You've walked it hundreds of times before - and that's why it's so well formed!

You want to create a new pathway that leads to normal eating and self kindness… so you begin the process of forging out a new path.

It can feel like hard work at first - the grass is so thick and you look behind you and you can only see light trail. You know you'll need to walk this pathway many times before it becomes easy…. But you're okay with that because you know the science behind it. You know that if you walk it often enough, before long - it'll be the easy option. And as the days pass and you choose the healthy pathway more and more often, the old bulimia pathway begins to get overgrown...

In time, the bulimia pathway is completely overgrown and you would never consider it the easy option!

Re-wiring your brain is the juice of your lifelong recovery. It's such an inspiring and motivating topic that it's covered extensively in The Bulimia Recovery Guide as well as my 6 months email course (both features of the recovery program). Learning the science behind recovery is exciting because it will help you to see that recovery for you is not just a possibility - but a scientific reality - so long as you keep walking down the pathways of recovery...

Pathways that are a lot easier to walk down when you are supported...

How the Private Online Recovery Community Can Help You Nail These 3 Techniques!

When you join The Bulimia Recovery Program you'll be connected to our completely private online recovery community. An loving group of women - all at different stages of their recovery - there to support and inspire one another. The best thing about this community is that we all understand each other! You will never be alone again once you reach out in this beautiful place.

Talking to other women in recovery each day will help to keep you accountable and on track. It'll give you a place to ask advice and to share your experiences - even if it's just a quick "Please tell me this is normal and it will pass!". There are other women to help pick you up when you feel it's too hard - and to cheer you on and celebrate with you as you become the normal eater you were born to be!

All of these women are using the same 3 secrets to recovery - Eliminating primal hunger, developing self kindness and re-wiring their brains into healthy habits. By talking to them in a recovery-focussed community, you are speeding up your own re-wiring process.

The recovery community is 100% private and only accessible to members of the program who have logged using their secure password. Nothing shared in the community will be seen online outside of the private program.

What Do You Get When You Join The Bulimia Recovery Program?

The Bulimia Recovery Guide (171 page pdf e-book)

Learn the step-by-step process on how you will become a normal eater. This gives you in-depth information on how to:

  • Eliminate primal hunger with structured eating to end binge eating
  • Develop a loving and kind relationship with yourself so that you can be your own best support person
  • Re-wire your brain from bulimic habits into habits of normal eating and self kindness. the 10th page I was in tears, and they weren't necessarily sad tears. Everything I was reading was just so relevant to my life and for the first time in a long time I had a gained a glimmer of hope.'s our "bible" it's packed wih information, motivation and VITAL strategies for recovery

Just finished the whole guide today! It's absolutely amazing. A lot of things now make way more sense to me now.

The Supportive Recovery Community

Receive support and motivation from other women who are recovering from bulimia using these 3 techniques. Become part of this team and stay on track with your recovery.

  • Get support from women who understand you
  • 100% private. Accessible to members only
  • Never be alone again - Immediate access to support whenever you need it

I have been a part of the community for a little under a month and have found it and Shaye's recovery guide to be so helpful. This comes from a person with 12 years of bulimia that has gone through doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and psychiatrists, to name a few. Its awesome to have support and be able to say things in a group of people that truly understands!

I have to thank all of you for being so loving and supportive, especially over the last few days! There is noone outside of this website that I can discuss things with and you girls all mean the world to me =) xx

After 20 years i thought I'd never be bulimia free for a day or so. Thanks to Shaye and everyone here today is my 3rd week! No slips.

The Meal Plan E-book (pdf)

Learn about the best ways to nourish your body in bulimia recovery. In in you'll have access to dozens of meal plans designed by a nutritional expert who has herself beaten bulimia!

  • Follow professionally designed recovery meal plans (with vegetarian option)
  • Eliminate primal hunger with meal plans designed around structured eating
  • Discover how to heal your bloating and metabolism

I have too rediscovered the joy of food. Even the simple things are so delicious, yet sufficient. Binge urges have subsided for me too - it's truly amazing isn't it?!

The meal guide was great as I hadn't eaten normally for 10 years due to dieting & cutting certain foods out ( which I would later binge on ) so it was so handy having it to help get myself back on track to nourish & he kind to my body.

I'll never forget the feeling after the first day of structured eating, of eating yummy, truly delicious meals, meals I've always wanted to eat and not just "healthy" foods, but actual real food that truly satisfied me.

6 Month Self Kindness E-Course

Boost your recovery motivation and learn self kindness with twice weekly articles and video's delivered to your inbox.

  • Receive twice weekly emails to top-up your motivation
  • Eliminate self hate and see how self love changes your world
  • Experience abundant energy and joy once you stop beating yourself up

It was like she could read my mind some days, I'd be having trouble with something and next thing, an email pops up addressing the exact issue!

I learned to turn off and tune out negative thoughts aka inner critic and replaced with self kindness and Love!! Just soooo thankful today!!!

Instead of hating & critisizing myself for what I was doing I began to forgive myself & start treating myself with kindness which I had forgotten how to do along time ago.

Online Recovery Tools

Get into the habit of normal eating, distract yourself from binge urges and discover your triggers with the programs helpful online tools.

  • Distract yourself from binge urges with hundreds of inspiring videos and articles
  • Reduce your binging by using the binge tracker tool
  • Plan your structured eating with the online meal planner

...I LOVE that Shaye created a binge tracker because this is such an important tool that helps you focus on the positive! ;)

...I decided to hop online and review some of the BRP's distraction tools. While I was a little nervous my urge to purge would take over I held through. I am so thankful that I did. Before I knew it, over an hour had gone by and so did my anxiety about feeling full. The distraction tools worked!

I am loving this structured eating tool!! Seeing it all laid out on front of you makes it so much easier to follow.

Shaye's 100% No-Risk Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% No-Risk Guarantee. Try the program. If you don't feel like it is changing your life just send me an email within 60 days and I'll give you a full refund.

My program comes with no contracts. Once you're ready to move on from the program, simple cancel your account and we'll stop deducting monthly payments from your account.

Most Importantly: I want this program to be life-changing for you. And if it's not, I want to give you your money back!

Recover From Bulimia - Guaranteed

Every year hundreds of women cancel their accounts because they no longer need it. Their reason: FULL RECOVERY!

I have so much confidence in my program that I'm offering a 60 day guarantee. If you don't love the program and see that by using it you will beat bulimia, simply ask for a full refund. It's that simple.

Join now for $39.95 for the first month and just $9.95 per month after that.

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Why Recovering from Bulimia Using These 3 Techniques Won't Make You Fat

One of the fears that kept me trapped in bulimia for so many years was the fear that recovery would make me fat. I thought that I'd ruined my metabolism and that I'd become obese if I stopped throwing up.

When I first began my recovery I thought that the first weeks weight gain confirmed this. I put on 11 pounds in 7 days. I was so close to giving up. Horror doesn't even begin to describe what I was feeling!

It's in these early days that it is SO important to get support… You need somebody who has been there before to say "This will pass, it's only temporary!". The weight gain I experienced was a combination of water retention, hydration and food passing through my digestive system (normally it would be thrown up). Yes a small % of it would have been fat but I'm guessing this would have been 2-3 pounds.

I didn't gain too much weight in the process... a few pounds, but the difference in my energy and clarity was 110% worth it.

I am so grateful that I kept going. One of the most wonderful surprises awaited me...

Structured Eating Healed My Metabolism

As the weeks of recovery went by and I worked on structured eating (which I teach you how to do in the program) my weight settled. I didn't gain any additional weight from that first week. And then, as the months passed and I felt my digestive system healing, I dropped a few pounds and reached what I now know is my natural and healthy weight.

When I shifted from structured eating to intuitive eating (which is also something I teach in the program) my weight did not budge. I began listening to my body and eating whatever it told me to eat. Often this was delicious and wholesome foods like quality meat, fruit, avocados, butter, cheese, wholewheat bread, vegetables, etc, - and other times it was a delicious quality made burger, full fat ice cream, Indian curry or chocolate…

On hungry days I'd eat what seemed like huge quantities and my metabolism made quick work of it. On other less hungry days, I'd eat less - without worrying - it just happened naturally.

And no matter what I ate my weight always remained the same

I was (and still am) the proud owner of a slim, healthy and energetic body.

I owe this healthy body of mine to the fact that in my recovery I...

Bulimia recovery (when done the right way) will not make you fat. It will make you healthy, glowing and beautiful!

Having been bulimic myself, I totally understand your need for complete privacy….

My worst nightmare was having my family and friends discover that I was bulimic. It was a secret that I wanted to protect at least until I was well into my recovery. I've been where you are now and I understand the need for privacy. It is for this reason that The Bulimia Recovery Program is completely private.

Here are just a few of the ways that I make sure your privacy is protected:

The Program and Community are Hidden Behind a Password Protected Login Area

Access to the bulimia recovery program is via a secure login page. Only members are able to login, use the tools and read/post messages in the online community

Emails Don't Mention the Word "Bulimia" in the Subject Line

Just in case you're in a public place, I make sure that no emails from The Bulimia Recovery Program contain the word "Bulimia". Instead they may reference the "BRP".

Your Bank Transaction Won't Mention "Bulimia"

All transactions show up on your bank statement as a payment to Clickbank (our payment processor). They don't reference bulimia in any way.

Will The Bulimia Recovery Program Work For You?

If you're anything like I was - you've probably tried to recover many times before. You probably think you're 'that one case' who can't be healed…

Scrap that thinking. It's a load of rubbish.

No matter how long you've been bulimic for and no matter how severe your case is - you can recover.

The reason your past recovery attempts have failed is because you didn't know what you were doing. You were guessing your way through it…

That's like trying to drive to a new town without a map.

Once you know how to recover (and I will teach you and guide you in my program) you can follow that map and know the roads you need to take for success.

I have tried numerous times over the last 10 years to try & beat bulimia on my own with no luck. Coming across ur program online was the best thing I have done, knowing that all my thoughts & actions were the same as what you & many other people with bulimia had gone through or are going through made me realize I'm not crazy & I wasn't alone in this. The thought of bingeing or purging rarely enters my mind anymore if it does its for a split second & I'm able to push it right back out again. I'm eating normally again everything in moderation, no dieting enjoying food which I hadn't for a long time being kind to my body & loving myself. I have now been in recovery with no relapses for over 6 months I never thought I would be able to overcome this but I'm so happy & proud to say I'm finally free

Anonymous Recoveree

Can You Answer Yes To Any Of The Following Questions?

If so, I believe you can become a normal eater by following the techniques I've talked about on this page:

  • Do you suffer from binge eating?
  • Did your binge eating start after a period of dieting?
  • Do you ever feel like a possessed animal obsessed with food?
  • Have you relapsed into Bulimia after a period of 'recovery'?

Who This Program is Not Designed For

If you suffer from anorexia without binge eating, then this program isn't designed for you. You might find the information incredibly interesting and helpful but there is probably better suited help for you.

How Can an Online Program be 'Enough' to Beat Bulimia?

If your recovery plan doesn't involve the 3 techniques I've gone over on this page, I don't believe it will work. It doesn't matter who teaches you these techniques - but they are the ones that will enable you to become a normal eater. This is the information you need to know to have a normal and fun relationship with food (and life!) again.

Have a read about what other women who have recovered in the BRP are saying…

Just recently I emailed my friend and said "Funny (well, not really) how many psychologists, doctors, dieticians, support groups, hospitals, and even a hypnotist, I went to over the years that couldn’t help me – and all it took in the end was a simple site like this, and a supportive partner! I guess everyone is different though..."


Personally I would choose her over any of the therapists I have seen over the years that I was willing to pay $25+ an hour for. You get the help from a person who has been there and done that, and you also get the opportunity to be social with a group of ladies who are right there with you. Two things I think are extremely important. Lizz S.

This program and community of women has been the single most influential piece of my recovery after 11 years of bulimia. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to love themselves and claim a life of joy and freedom.


After years of recovery attempts this is the only one that helped me through each stage of my recovery - it is so different for everyone and the forum allowed each individual to be honest about what was going on and to get support from a lot of wonderful people.

Anonymous Recoveree

It changed my life. After ten long years of being bulimic I am now bulimia free for six months. All because of this bulimia recovery program. Dori

Recover From Bulimia - Guaranteed

Every year hundreds of women cancel their accounts because they no longer need it. Their reason: FULL RECOVERY!

I have so much confidence in my program that I'm offering a 60 day guarantee. If you don't love the program and see that by using it you will beat bulimia, simply ask for a full refund. It's that simple.

Join now for $39.95 for the first month and just $9.95 per month after that.

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Still Not Sure This Program Can Help You? Listen To What These Women Have To Say...

I would HIGHLY recommend the bulimia recovery program. Shaye and the girls on the site are beyond amazing. Without even meeting anyone, I have felt kindness, love, and incredible support. For that reason alone it is worth it. But the guides, information, meal planning tools, binge tracker, blog, forums, and vidoes are more reasons to join. I truly think that if you struggle with an eating disorder this program will help you overcome it and change your life for the better.


The recovery program is giving me the chance that I was seeking to change my life and to free me of the bulimia. For the first time in my life I feel that I am not alone trying to surpass my bulimia. I have real knowledges about my illness and how to beat them. I feel supported, pleased and liberated, with less fears and insecurities of my image. Lucía

I would absolutely recommend this program. You get lots of support and tools, and you get to be open and share, but you never feel embarrassed or ashamed. Everyone is so accepting and kind. It's just a wonderful community. Joining the program was the best thing I did to help my recovery. Hetha

There is no better place to be for your recovery than this site Ivana

It's safe to say that the BRP is the long lasting beneficial support that encouraged me to smile at life again and to re-open my heart for the joy and beauty it offers to all of us! Karina

Thankfully this community blesses you with the right information and tools to get through the inevitable tough times and the joy of having people who are in the same situation and helping you as you go. I'm forever thankful for having the irreplaceable support to fight for what is best for me with all force and knowledge and much love! Shaye and other girls did it, I'm doing it and do can anyone struggling from this, no matter how deep and dark it seems! One step at a time, TOGETHER!


I was overwhelmed by all the love and support really. It's such a powerful program and the fact that you make it so personal and affordable is incredible. You are doing a beautiful thing Shaye. It makes me tear up just thinking about the love you are pouring out over this community.

Heather R.

Being in recovery can be very stressful, when there is difficulty, you can come on here, post how you feel, or read the stories of other people that have gone through exactly the same thing and get tips & drive to push through. It also keeps you on track with recovery so you dont get overwhelmed or feel alone. There are others going through the same thing and feeling the same way Melody

The community has truly come to feel like a family, somewhere I can be open, honest and myself. For me it has taken the battle out of my head and instead to somewhere I can get advice or simply tell about my daily struggles and triumphs. And be understood! Shaye's guide and her support and advice on the site are invaluable tools in this recovery journey, for which I am truly grateful :-) Izzy was instrumental in my ability to recover. Period. jdyorkbjork

The Recovery Program has made some amazing changes in my life, that I would not have dreamed possible. I have a new-found knowledge on bulimia and have learned so much about myself, the disease and how to take my life back. The support and wisdom from my fellow recoverees is priceless. I’d just feel so alone prior to joining, so opening up to the people in your same shoes and listening to their precious stories and advice has given me this immense strength to recover. Debra

Being part of the Bulimia Recovery Program (BRP) has been an integral part of my own success; I am proud to say I am at almost a month free of bingeing and purging! One of the most important elements of this program is access to Shaye’s tremendously helpful guide for bulimia recovery, in which she uses her own experiences and that of others to literally guide you through many aspects of the recovery process (such as learning structured eating—so important!). Seeing so many other wonderful people break their b/p cycles and engage in structured eating helped me to see that I could do it, too. Elysha

I know that while making the choice to recover was crucial, and having the will comes in handy, but it is the girls in this program and their support that has helped me make it this far. I have been in recovery without purging for two months. I know I still have a long way to go, but I could not imagine doing it on my own. Even in this short amount of time, I can see myself emerging and the world is opening up before me. I have started making plans to do the things I’ve wanted to do for years, but that got lost in my bulimia cycle. Just taking that first step in recovery, has made me see what is really important. Elle

Today I have no problem, I even had an emotional time over the weekend where I did eat a little too much but it didnt affect me at all. I did not binge eat or get worried I just let the food digest, had a good rest and was back to myself the next day, just what normal people experience. Sarah

To hear from even more women who have recovered using The Bulimia Recovery Program, click here

Recover From Bulimia - Guaranteed

Every year hundreds of women cancel their accounts because they no longer need it. Their reason: FULL RECOVERY!

I have so much confidence in my program that I'm offering a 60 day guarantee. If you don't love the program and see that by using it you will beat bulimia, simply ask for a full refund. It's that simple.

Join now for $39.95 for the first month and just $9.95 per month after that.

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